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Membership Levels and Benefits


The Artists’ Guild Membership Levels
Definitions & Benefits for Members in Good Standing
In Compliance with All Guild Rules & Regulations

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A Museum Member who joins The Artists’ Guild is considered an “Associate Member

  • Associate Member: Anyone who joins The Artists’ Guild and maintains a membership in “good standing” with the Museum and Guild, by paying their membership fees on or before their renewal date, (see benefits).

 A Guild Member who has gone through the Signature Level Jurying Process and accepted is considered a “Signature Member”

  • Signature Member: Artist who was successfully juried in through our Signature Level Jurying Process and keeps their Museum and Guild membership in “good standing” by paying their membership fees by their renewal date, (see benefits).

Signature Guild Member who does not wish to staff the mandatory shifts in the Guild Gallery, but wants to contribute to the participation donation in full is considered a “Contributing Signature Member”

  • Contributing Signature Member: A Signature Member, who wants to support the Artist Guild Gallery by paying the participation donation, they do not enter any Guild Gallery Exhibitions, and do not have to staff the mandatory number of shifts per lease year; but can put images on the TV in the Gallery and other benefits as indicated.

Signature Guild Member who wants to fully participate in our Guild Gallery is considered a “Participating Signature Member”

  • Participating Signature Member: A Signature Member who pays the participation donation for the lease year at the Artist Guild Gallery; membership is in “good standing” and is in compliance with all rules and regulations; and has a number of mandatory staffing shifts per lease year, (the number of mandatory staffing shifts is determined by the number of participating artists per lease year), other benefits as indicated.

An active Participating Signature Member who is 90 years of age is considered a “Golden Signature Member”

  • Golden Signature Member: A signature member who has been an active participating member of the Guild Gallery for five or more years and has reached their 90 year birthday do NOT staff the Guild Gallery (see other benefits).




Membership Levels - Definitions & Benefits


Benefits Associate Member Signature Member Contributing Signature Member Golden Signature Member Participating Signature Member
All Member Outside Exhibits/Events Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Guild Gallery Exhibits No No No Yes Yes
Artist Choice Shelf & Bin Racks No No No Yes Yes
Voluntary Staffing Guild Gallery Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory Staffing Guild Gallery No No No No Yes
Slideshow on Guild Gallery TV No No Yes Yes Yes
Portfolio Pages on Guild Website Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Biennial Museum Exhibit No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Officer and/or Committee Chairs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter Articles to Promote Personal Art Events/Exhibits Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Participating Signature Member Information


The Artists' Guild Gallery512 E. Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, FL

Non-Refundable Annual Participation Donation


•    Please be aware that there is a non-refundable annual participation required in order for a signature member to be eligible to enter The Artists' Guild Gallery at 512 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach, FL, 33483.

•    The non-refundable annual participation donation will be directly applied toward the lease of our space at 512 E. Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida.

•    The annual participation donation is paid annually at one time for all members. Notice of payment due date will be sent to all members annually. You will not be eligible to participate in The Artists' Guild Gallery without making these payments when they are due.

•    New Signature Members, who have juried into Signature level during the course of the Guild fiscal year, will be offered an opportunity to participate in The Artists' Guild Gallery at a prorated amount. This offer is only good for a two-week period following their acceptance to Signature level

•    New Signature level members will be contacted and notified of the required prorated donation, following their acceptance to Signature level.

•    All Participating Signature Members are required to staff the Gallery fourteen (14) shifts per fiscal exhibition year. New Participating Members must complete a staff orientation/training program to learn the procedures and staffing responsibilities for the Guild Gallery. New Participating Signature Members staffing requirements will be prorated based on when they attain Signature Level Status. 

•    We encourage all members to receive training prior to entering a Guild Gallery show. However, the Guild is willing to arrange for "on-the-job" training with an experienced staffer when you begin to work Guild Gallery shifts. Our Gallery Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., will arrange the training shifts for you.


We very much encourage your participation in The Artists' Guild. Our organization is vibrant and growing because of the interest and excitement of our members. It is not necessary to participate in the Artists' Guild Gallery in Delray Beach to be an active member of our Guild. We have many exciting exhibition venues beyond the Guild Gallery in Delray Beach.


Become active and get the most out of your experience with The Artists' Guild!


updated 6-21-2017